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We focus on material application solutions for:
     -International Space Station
     -Space Launch Vehicles
     -Human Flight Spacecraft

     -Human Habitat

Our principal application categories include:
    -Orbital Debris Mitigation 
    -Spacecraft Thermal Control 
    -AO Resistance
    -Moisture/Vibration Damping
    -Ablative Material Bonding
    -Cryogenic Insulation
    -Corrosion Control 
    -EMI Shielding      

    -ESD Control

Our Application Specialists work with your Engineers and Supply Chain  to present promising candidate materials in the Qualification process. Subsequent material manufacturer modifications to these films, tapes, fabrics and other products are initiated, tracked and communicated to achieve the best solution for the application. 


We supply materials for your Space applications.

But first, our Application Specialists team up with your Engineering and Procurement and a wide range of specialized manufacturers to ensure the best material and process solution is found.

The solution may be a material to specification, or a customized product, or even an existing industrial material that performs- and provides cost-savings. Sometimes these solutions take time, but we’re in it for the long run. Our 38 years in Industrial and Aerospace materials proves it.

Space Materials

  • • Metalized
    • Conductive
    • Electrical
    • Glass Cloth
    • EMI Shielding (Foils)
    • Transfer Adhesives
    • Polyimide Labels
       MLI Blanket Edge Closure

  • Aramid Fabrics
    PTFE-Coated Fabrics 
    Beta Fabric / Beta Cloth
    Metalized- VDA and Sputtered
    PSA Laminated / Tape
    Woven & Non-Woven

    Blast Mitigation / Containment Fabrics

  • White, Clear, Amber Polyimide
    Aluminized Polyimide
    Copper-Clad Polyimide
    ITO-Coated Aluminized Polyimide
    Germanium or StaMet- Coated Polyimide
    Aluminized Polyester
    Aluminized FEP
    Silverized FEP
    ITO-Coated Silver FEP

Our BA 500BC Beta Fabric sits 140 million miles away on Mars– protecting the Nuclear Power Plant on Curiosity.



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Our Specialty Converting capability speeds the process and allows for greater flexibility and creativity in arriving at a material solution.