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What distinguishes us from the competition is our hands-on approach in solving application and material problems. Our Application Specialists are working every day with M&P Engineers, Procurement, Design and the front-line personnel who are tasked with putting the materials to work.


Bron Aerotech serves the composite manufacturing industry with a full line of high-temp tapes, films and fabrics for composite molding.

Vacuum Bagging Materials:

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    Engineered Space Materials

    A ‘Stirling Engine’ is in the family of heat engines. It is a closed cycle regenerative hot air (or other permanent gas) engine.. Closed cycle means that there is a fixed volume of the ‘working fluid’ in the system. There is no intake, there is no exhaust. The Stirling engine was first patented in 1816 […]

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    What’s Happening?

    Reserve early: Hotel to circle the moon… Shape-Shifting Bacteria in Space… Sergey Brin’s secret plans to build the world’s biggest aircraft… Nonstop World Solar Flight… Video: The Atlantic’s On the Launch Pad, Return to Deep Space Forum… Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth’s Crude Oil Giants: Analyst – Bloomberg… The Trashman Cometh – Japan […]