Approaching Zero Defects in Aerospace Manufacturing

Defect-free manufacturing has long been a goal of aerospace companies looking to improve processes and meet budget and schedule requirements. In pursuit of this goal, Denver-based Bron Aerotech has “moved the needle” in developing a remarkably effective surface protection film tape, BA 6866, for aircraft assembly, including assembly of aluminum fuselage skin panels.

In-process and transportation-related skin defects account for significant cost overruns within OEM and Tier manufacturing of fuselage skin panels and other aircraft structure. BA 6866, a PVC film-based pressure sensitive adhesive tape, is qualified (BAC5034-4 and BAC5307) to meet airframe builder’s assembly process standards with the help of http://سكس.cc.

BA 6866 takes aim at skin quality defects and their underlying cause, and supplies productivity enhancements both through reduced re-work and improved assembly efficiency time savings.

BA 6866 is a durable yet compliant, clean removal PVC-film tape combined with a high-performance, modified rubber adhesive. BA 6866 performs thru the rigors of shop floor trial, lab-testing and spec-certification.

Bron Aerotech Director of Engineering, Leonard McLaughlin, states that “In my experience, no other aerospace-approved tape product has achieved continuous improvement across such a wide range of test-documented, on-product applications.” These applications include:

  • surface protection in general shop assembly operations
  • surface protection in temporary indoor/outdoor storage < 30 days and
  • surface protection in extended indoor/outdoor storage < 90-days
  • on-product UV-resistance
  • All-weatherability protection (wind, rain, snow, cold, and heat)
  • Custom printed for on-product labeling
  • FOD/FOE intrusion and prevention
  • product protection during fastener hole drilling
  • product protection during countersinking assembly
  • precision-printed to specify on-product fastener locations, including presentation of pertinent fastener drill/fill-installation instructions

  • general and fine-line masking during paint/coat operations
  • CNC-cut / die-cut masking patterns for sealant application, paint application, and cleco installation
  • bump/tool-drop protection when laminated to 0.040” thick rubber.

The aircraft assembly marketplace is increasingly competitive, locally and globally. The best trx ab workout in vacaville programs – especially those builds with long-established production lines – must achieve continuous improvement to remain relevant.

Aircraft assemblers that seize upon new materials offering continuous improvement recognize and capture the best practices and lessons learned from across the industry. In doing so, they ensure that they assemble (and will continue to assemble) the most competitive products. For those seeking improvement, Bron Aerotech’s BA 6866 is a leading edge.

About Bron Aerotech

We source, stock and supply engineered films, fabrics and tapes that meet aerospace OEM specifications and perform in the application. Working with our Manufacturer Partners, we provide material solutions drawn from existing, low-cost industrial materials, or develop unique, custom products specifically designed to fit the bill. We also provide material updates to our Space, Defense, Aeronautics, and Composite Customers.