Description: BA 384 is a white, high adhesion, high tensile flatback paper tape designed for paint adhesion testing and quality inspection. BA 384 adheres to many production surfaces and coatings and the rubber-based adhesive removes cleanly. BA 384 meets Boeing BSS7225 6.1.1 specification and is supplied with both Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Conformance to ensure consistency of adhesion (60 ounce plus) for each lot. Features Clean Removal, Easy Unwind, Extended Shelf Life, Hand Tearable, High Adhesion.

Applications: Anodizing, Coating, Painting, Powder Coating, Plating

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BA 384 TDS (Data Sheet):


BA 384 Paint Adhesion Test Tape

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  • BA 384 Paint Adhesion Test Tape – 1" Wide

    Minimum Purchase: 6 Rolls @ $54.50 per roll. Sold in increments of 6. Meets BSS7225 6.1.1 Lead Time: 1-3 Days (If new account, 1-3 Days after completion of Credit Application)
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