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Bron Aerotech, LLC, Bron Tapes, Inc., and Bron Converting, LLC comprise the Bron Holding, Inc. family of companies. Space, Aerospace & Defense markets are serviced by Bron Aerotech. Industrial application solutions and products are supplied by Bron Tapes, while the custom converting services such as laminating, part marking, rewinding, die-cutting, kitting, precision slitting, printing and custom packaging are supplied to all markets by Bron Converting.

Bron Aerotech and Bron Converting are located in Denver, Colorado. All three Companies employ material Sales and Application Specialists. Our Aerospace products include engineered pressure-sensitive tapes and adhesives, foams, films and fabrics employed in a very wide range of Space, Defense, MRO and Composites markets.

Domestically, Bron Tapes operates ten (10) industrial branch locations with Headquarters in Denver, Colorado – home to Bron for 43 years. Our 45 outside Sales and Application Specialists operate from individual Branch locations and Markets.

Our success is derived from establishing and building strong relationships with our Vendors and Customers. This takes top-notch people. If you are interested in exploring Bron, we currently offer these positions for your consideration: