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New Silicone-Free Hi-Temp Flash Tapes!… Bron Template: Custom Printed CAD-Specified Adhesive Mylar. Zero Defects…

“Our 35 years experience in Industrial and Aerospace materials applications gives us a tremendous range of innovative products and solutions to offer our Customers.”

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The Bron Template™ is a new, patent-pending Adhesive Mylar Technology that greatly improves Aerostructure assembly operations. Bron Template™ has also been used on cured composite surfaces – spec-approval pending.

Science and Tech News

RoboGlove: In our continuing drive to replace our bodies… The Robot Cowboy (I’d rather have a dog)… NASA Preps to E-Sail Away… 3D Printing… Navy 4500MPH Railgun […]

What’s Happening?

Art meets Engineering… Air Force to Bomb the Sky?… Moon Express and Dead Men’s Bones – strange cargo… Quantum Satellites… Orbiting Flying Carpets… World’s First Wireless Bunji Jump. OK, so it’s a fake […]

Advanced Materials

Vantablack – Darkest material ever made… Nanodiamonds for lighter, tougher spacecraft… Will morphing tech (FlexFoil) replace aircraft flaps?… Shape-Shifting Drones… Carbyne: a tougher Graphene! […]

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