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Aircraft Manufacturing

Material Management
As industry specialists we bring added value to the supply chain with a higher level of expertise and service:

     -On-time Delivery
     -Minimal Lead-Times
     -Shelf-Life Management
     -Mil Spec & Special Packaging
     -Solutions to meet Specs

While our primary materials are Tapes, Adhesives, Films, Foils & Fabrics, we supply hundreds of other products, including rubber, metals, gaskets, thread, ablative cork, cable & tubing, foams, solder, fasteners and myriad other materials in support of Our Customers.

As a Preferred Converter, we kit, slit, print,die-cut and laminate –prototype to finished custom product.

Aircraft Manufacturing & Assembly / MRO

We stock, convert and supply a wide range of spec-driven and commercial aerospace materials required in Space, Aircraft Manufacturing, MRO, Composites and Defense applications.

Aircraft Tapes, Films, Foils & Fabrics:

  • Leading Edge Tape
    Surface Protection Films
    High Temp Foil /Glass Tapes
    High Bond Attachment Tapes
    Adhesive Transfer Tapes

  • Window Mask
    Paint and Protective Coating Mask
    High Temp Masking
    Thermal Spray / HVOF Masking
    Chemical Bath Mask
    Surface Preparation

  • Kapton® / Polyimide Tapes
    Teflon® / PTFE Tapes
    Electrical & Electronic
    EMI Shielding
    Copper / Aluminum Foil Tapes
    Heat Shrink Tubing

  • HVAC Duct Tape
    Hook & Loop
    Insulation Blanket Seaming & Patch Tape
    Cargo Pit Seaming Tape
    FR Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tapes
    FR Glass Cloth Tapes
    Corrosion Control Vinyl Tapes

  • Flash Tapes: Silicone Free, Silicone Adhesives
    Teflon / PTFE Mold Release Tapes, Films, Fabrics
    Holddown, Mounting & Splicing Tapes

  • Preservation Tapes
    Surface Protection Films

  • UHMW
    Duct Tapes-all colors
    Rivet Tape
    Pre-Cured Silicone Rubber
    Security Tape

Aircraft Manufacturing
Aircraft Manufacturing
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Aircraft Manufacturing